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Bhava Classic Harmonium with Natural Finish

Bhava Classic Harmonium

natural grain finish

3.5 octaves, double-reed



Designed for Kirtan

The Bhava Classic is a high quality take on the "Delhi style" of harmonium played by many kirtan singers. These are built in Delhi, India, then selected and expertly set-up by instrument specialist Nic Dillon. Their beautiful rich tone is produced by two reed banks with paired bass and mid reed sets, and a long bellows sustain makes for easeful pumping with full tone.

Solid wood is finished with a clear polish, with slight variations in grain and hue. These conveniently fold up for carrying like a suitcase, and a padded fabric carrying case is included.

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Bhava Classic Harmonium with Natural Finish
Bhava Classic Harmonium with Natural Finish

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Bhava Classic: Details

Solid wood


Traditional Delhi-style design


Clear melanine finish


High quality components


3.5 octave keyboard


3 stops, 3 drones


Side folding bellows with long sustain


Two horizontal reed banks with high quality bass and mid reed sets


Sliding wooden volume control board (Jaali)


Collapsible: folds up into suitcase shape


Measures 23.5 x 7 x 12 inches when folded up


Weighs just 22 lbs


Set-up, refinement, and expert A440 tuning by Nic Dillon comes standard


Includes padded carrying case


Free shipping for all continental U.S. addresses! Your harmonium will be set-up and shipped within 2-3 business days. For Hawaii, Alaska or International shipping, please for a shipping quote.


Each Bhava harmonium is hand-tuned by instrument specialist Nic Dillon to ensure that all reed pairs are blending harmoniously at an accurate A440 tuning.

Bhava Harmonium Co USA

About Bhava Harmoniums

A note from Daniel Tucker, founder of Kirtan Central:

  Bhava is Sanskrit for the mood of devotion. Through kirtan, this feeling of bhava expands, becoming the ecstatic mood of awakened union. For us kirtan lovers, a harmonium is like a sweet companion, always beckoning us home to our chant practice, and gently supporting our singing with its lush vibrations.

Nic Dillon, who created Bhava harmoniums specifically for kirtan musicians, is a kindred harmonium lover. Where I took the path of music teacher, he took the path of instrument specialist and curator, so it's super joyful for us to team up here to ensure that our community of chanters are getting the best harmoniums possible.

There are many brands of Delhi-style harmoniums. What sets Bhava apart is a premium build quality, premium reeds and finish quality, and thorough, expert set-up by Nic. The difference is significant. Nic is a humble, hard-working guy who wouldn't say it himself, but in my eyes he is the most dedicated harmonium specialist in America.

When I asked Nic about his harmonium devotion/obsession, he replied, “What interests me most is taking an OK instrument and making it great before passing it along for another musician to enjoy. With my Bhava line, I work diligently to ensure that no compromises are made on wood, reed and component quality, and on the heels of a good manufacturing process, I am intimately involved in the refinement of every single one of these harmoniums. This means I work every day tuning reeds, bending springs, and generally doing whatever is necessary to ensure that no single harmonium leaves my shop until I am personally satisfied with the quality. I'm blessed to get to pour the majority of my time into working on these instruments.”

Nic spends many hours adjusting each harmonium he receives from India, putting each through a set-up process that corrects leaks, adjusts key springs, refines reed tuning and gapping, repairs blemishes, and a long list more. He tells me, "My goal with each instrument is to make it as good as possible, and in the end, if I am happy with my work, that instrument goes up for sale. If I'm not happy (which generally takes at least 4 hours to discover), and the instrument I am working on is just not going to make the cut, it is used for spare parts, which are eventually used for the benefit of another instrument - so not all is lost."

Well, his hard work and high standards pay off! These harmoniums look and sound great. They're what I play now, and I am very excited to connect more chanters with these fine instruments. May they serve you for many years to come!

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