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learn harmonium at Kripalu Yoga Center

Beginning Harmonium Intensives with Daniel Tucker

at Kripalu Center for Yoga, Massachusetts

These in-depth, hands-on workshops are designed to rocket-launch your musical practice, and provide a foundation in harmonium playing and kirtan singing for beginners. All the basics are covered: keyboard fingering, sargam (Indian scale) singing, sargam exercises and notation, playing chords, reading song sheets, vocal warm-ups, and how to lead a group in call-and-response kirtan. By the end of the three day intensive, students are able to play a few different kirtan songs, as well as various exercises to support their musical growth on harmonium. No prior experience is required.
Next dates: To be announced  
Call Kripalu to register (1-800-741-7353) or visit:  

play harmonium at Kripalu
how to learn harmonium on retreat

"Daniel Tucker is the hero of aspiring harmonium playing Kirtan singers!"
- Jai Uttal
"I highly recommend Daniel as a guide to the land of harmonium playing!"
- Daniel Paul
tabla player with Jai Uttal

Rosita learned harmonium at Kripalu"Daniel, I'm so blessed to have found you - for several years I was stuck with a limited repertoire of chants, learned by just looking over at somebody playing them. Now, I can move forward - a huge new world in front of me. Thank you!"
- Rosita Rooney
Dwayne learned harmonium at Kripalu"Daniel, thank you. Your spirit and energy are truly inspiring. I'm trying to practice daily, and sometimes lose track of time and spend a couple of hours at it. I am loving it!"
- Dwayne Resnick

"Daniel has an amazing gift of understanding the needs of musicians and the questions that come up at many different levels of ability. His teaching style is simple, direct, playful and creatively inspired. "
- Terra Gold of Yoga Doctors
"The combination of Daniel's musical skills, his ability to clearly communicate the basics of making music for kirtan, plus his enthusiasm for devotional practice makes the process of learning to lead kirtan super accessible and FUN!"
- Sarah Bergman