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Gods and Goddesses Card Deck by Mandala Publishing


Deluxe 52-Card Set

by Mandala Publishing



Adorn Your Harmonium

This 52-card deck is exquisitely designed, with each card presenting a different God or Goddess. The front of the card features artwork and name, while the back is packed with information about that deity.

Includes Ganesha, Hanuman, Sita, Rama, Radha, Krishna, Lakshmi, Vishnu, Kali, Durga, Parvati, Shiva, Brahma, and many, many more.

Use them any way you like to stoke the flame of love!

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Gods and Goddesses Card Deck by Mandala Publishing
Gods and Goddesses Card Deck by Mandala Publishing

Altar Full of Love


  “I bought a set of these for myself, and wound up loving them so much I wanted to share them here.

I have an altar with photos of Amma and Maharajji, and I like to do a home-brewed ritual using these cards to invoke the deities of kirtan one at a time as I pray, dance, and arrange them creatively on the altar. I arrange them differently each time, which keeps the altar feeling fresh and alive and part of my evolving relationship with the divine.

These cards would also be perfect to place on your harmonium, to focus your devotion as you sing to a certain deity, or just to keep your favorites nearby, in sight and in mind.”

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