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"Learn to Play Harmonium"

Deluxe Boxed Set

Kirtan Central Learn to Play Harmonium kit

Learning kirtan on harmonium is EASY and FUN...

...When you've got the right program to guide you!

What if you could learn to rock the kirtan squeeze box
just like your favorite kirtan singers,
after only one or two months of practice?

More than 1,000 people in 20 countries already have.
(The kirtan community is truly global! "Learn to Play Harmonium" is in use in Brazil, Germany, the United States,
the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, India, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hungary, Switzerland,
Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Oman, Costa Rica, and counting!)

      » Learn multiple kirtan songs, and gain the tools for learning many more.
        Understand the chords and scales at the heart of kirtan music, and learn to read kirtan song sheets...

      » Deepen your relationship to the divine names.
        Open your heart and sing it out, every day...

      » Connect with friends through music and song.
        Gain confidence in your singing voice, develop your rhythm, and feel comfortable playing in public...

      » Fall in love with your harmonium practice.
        Re-kindle the excitement of sitting down at your harmonium to practice and chant...

Hey Chantaholics! Daniel Tucker here. The Learn to Play Harmonium book and DVD set has been upgraded and transformed!

The eight harmonium lessons that were presented in the kit have all been re-filmed and updated. And, dozens more have been added.

All of these video-based music lessons are now available to you in the Bhakti Breakfast Club, where for a monthly fee you can have unlimited access to an entire library of harmonium tutorial videos.

I am very excited about this transition to a streaming-video mode of delivery instead of a box of DVDs. It allows me to keep filming more and more harmonium tutorials - I am adding about five new courses (each with multiple videos) to the Bhakti Breakfast Club each month. The basics of how to play harmonium are there, but also a ton of kirtan song courses, as well as more advanced kirtan music courses, all in the same library.

So please go check out the new format! The videos are available to stream 24/7, and members get songsheets and PDFs with each course to print out, as well as MP3s of the songs being taught.

I look forward to supporting your musical journey!
  Lotsa love,

  Daniel Tucker
  Founder, Kirtan Central

"Daniel is a master teacher. He shows how to blend the Indian and Western ways of playing harmonium. I've had this set for a few months and keep finding new things in it to help me improve."
- Keith Villanueva

"I don't read music, and am not a musician. All my life I've dreamed of playing keyboards and singing. Finally that dream has come true - and I am in love with my new harmonium practice!"
- Lee Brock
"It was my heart's longing to be able to sing, chant and play the harmonium as an expression of Bhakti yoga and Daniel was the key for me to unlock the door to my heart's desire."
- Sianna Sherman

"Daniel, you are an exceptional teacher. You make it very easy to understand the music, and also very encouraging to practice. Of course, the work of practicing is now up to me!"
- Rosita Rooney