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Kirtan Central - Bhava Mini Harmonium
Bhava Mini Harmonium

Top portable pick
Kirtan Central - Bhava Classic Harmonium
Bhava Classic Harmonium

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Kirtan Central - Bhava Lite Harmonium
Bhava Lite Harmonium

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Kirtan Central - Bhava Studio Harmonium
Bhava Studio Harmonium

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Kirtan Central - Picking a Harmonium video
Picking a Harmonium

video with Daniel Tucker

Bhakti Breakfast Club

Kirtan Central - Bhakti Breakfast Club online harmonium class

Online music classes for kirtan lovers!

- Learn to play your favorite kirtan songs on harmonium or guitar with music teacher Daniel Tucker.

- Get unlimited access to over 200 kirtan course videos, available 24/7 from the comfort of your own home.

- Special guest teacher courses, including satsang with Krishna Das, bhakti stories with Jai Uttal, and tabla with Daniel Paul.

- All for just $25 a month subscription.

Includes Kirtan Songsheets

Featuring songs from a variety of kirtan recording artists such as Krishna Das, The Kirtaniyas, and Jai Uttal, as well as traditional kirtan songs from India. Each course features a different mantra - one is a "Radhe Govinda," the next a "Hare Krishna," and so on. Each song course comes with a printable songsheet and audio mp3, while other courses have sheets with music exercises and examples.

And Class Videos

Members get unlimited 24/7 access to the entire Bhakti Breakfast Club library of video-based kirtan music courses, each containing multiple class videos. All in all, probably more harmonium classes than you can take in one lifetime, and lots of close ups of the hand on the harmonium's keyboard, showing you every aspect of playing kirtan songs. Plus, many more courses on other topics like guitar, tabla and bhakti stories.